Eat Up 99 Everyday English Phrases in Less Than A Week and Remember them Forever

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 1.12.36 AMI know there’re tons of English phrases you can find on the Internet. Why bother paying $3.12 for an ebook?

1. This will help you master 99 English phrases that native speakers REALLY use. Don’t you want to sound native?

2. You will REMEMBER them forever, it’s repetition. I repeat them so often.

3. I would have made a 1000 English phrases but that’s NOT the point. The point is you get the GEMS, and ignore the rocks.

4. The book is glossy and beautiful.You’ll never get bored with long list of phrases. Entertaining experience! Like a magazine. Full of colors!

5. $3.12 for an eBook can change your English forever. Cheaper than a cup of coffee! And it gives me little more funds to make other great books for you!